How do you want yourself to be recognized?

Is it by your  family name? school you attended to? University you attended to? places you have been to?  dresses you wear? car you drive? place where you live? or by any other thing that you are trying to get attention to by showing off?

Most of us try to present ourselves through those physical aspects of our lives. We fail to recognize who we truly are. We hide our core values and potentials and add value to meaningless materials, places, trends, and many other illusions in the world.

Who you truly are someone who doesn’t try so hard to prove, who doesn’t try in vain to be recognized, to be accepted, or to be noticed. We have insecurities which we try to cover up by meaningless desires. Beware of the illusions in the world  that are trying to trick your mind. Stay grounded, stay connected with your self. You will be recognized and known for who you truly are both inside and outside.


Bus stop

I was new to the city. So I had little knowledge about the bus routes and places in the town. I had a phone that was not quite smart enough to access google maps conveniently. Siting at the window wadering where exactly to get down. The bus was crowded and I could not ask from the conducter. A man of middle age was sitting next me. He seemed Okay. But yet I did not want to let anyone know that I didn’t know about the town. Chances of me getting tricked was high. 

With a plan B to take the longest and known route to my destination, I proceeded with the plan A, to challenge myself to get to know about the town and know shortcuts. So I asked from the man next to me about the particular place I was supposed to get down. He said  we had not reached there yet and that he was also going to get down from there. I was relieved that I had not passed the bus halt yet. He told me how to recognize the place. And even gave me directions to go to the next bus stop. 

We got down from the bus and since he was also going in the same path he came along with me giving me directions and teaching me of the other roads and places. I replied with quick answers to his questions. He was telling me about his daughters and what they were studying and all. Passing his destination he guided me to the next bus stop I was to go. He walked that extra meters to help me. He said,” You are lucky you met me. Otherwise you have to find the way all alone. I always accompany my daughters when they go to new places. Urban cities aren’t safe all the time “.

In a city where we cannot realy trust and rely on strangers, someone was there to help me find my way. I was grateful and relieved.


On  one lazy morning I was rushing to the university and I looked at my wrist watch, I was late!(as usual). I used my hidden athletic skills and ran and entered the lecture hall, minutes late. 

Empty seats were only in the front and I had no other option but to sit in the very front closest to the lecturer. Lecturer was already in the hall and asked to turn to a particular page in a handout. Me, panting , turned back to see which handout. It was a handout given on the previous lecture, which I ditched a week ago. There was no one to my right or left. I had no choice but to be brave enough to sit with no handout to look at,  right next to the lecturer who was standing there. 

Someone tapped on my shoulder from the back. Handed me a tute saying there was an extra one with her. I was deligted. And I was grateful. I was saved from getting cought to the lecturer for coming to the lecture unprepared (which happens quite often).

The Cleaning Lady(Part 3)

She was sorting out the garbage from different bins labeled as Paper, Polythenee/plastic , food and Metal. I asked, “why are you sorting them again?”.

“These kids have not put garbage into proper bins. If I didn’t sort them out properly the garbage truck driver would refuse to take them”, she said. 

“Ah yeah, some don’t care about the labels. I presume they can’t read”, I was telling in a sarcastic tone. 

“It’s disgusting to put my hands into these garbage bins. But I know, no matter how much I tell my kids to follow something right they take many days to finally do the right thing in the right way and sometimes will take years to finally understand. We cannot force people to pick the right bin, they need to understand and think of us too.” Lalitha said calmly. 

The Cleaning Lady(Part 2)

I was sitting at my usual place outside the room,reading a book. Lalitha came down the stairs to sweep that area. I greeted her with a good morning and she greeted me back. 

“Yesterday, I mopped this entire floor all by myself”, she said with satisfaction. I asked, “why not others?”. “Oh, while they talk and get ready I can finish all my work”. 

Reason Behind

Theres always a reason behind every action. When you get annoyed of someone’s action or behavior, before you react pause for a while and look for the reason behind that particular action or behavior.

Reason why they are the way they are.

There can be an obvious reason or a hidden pshychological reason.There’s always a story behind evey person, which is the reason for who they are and what they do. You are not to judge, condemn or criticize anyone.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind always.

Under the yellow streetlight

It was already dark and I was tired. I got down from the bus sqeezing through the crowd after much effort. I felt free. Enjoying walking  along the pavement under the yellow street lamps beside the busy road I saw a woman carrying two large bags slowly and with difficulty. I wanted to help. But then again I was not sure. What if she scolds me and chase me away thinking I was trying to steal her bags. Or what if she refuses help since I am a stranger. Trying to decide I walked slowly in parallel to her. But I decided, for I might regret later for not taking an action.

So I went near her and offered to help. I asked her where she was going. She said she was going to the hospital and that she was going to take the bus in the front. I told her that she should take the bus from the next bus halt. She seemed as if she didn’t know where exactly to go to take the bus. I told her that I was also going to the same bus stop ( I was actually not) and held one bag from her. I guided her and together we crossed the road carrying the heavy large bags. We walked, crossed the road then walked and crossed the road  again. Her bus was leaving and I ran towards it and stopped it. I helped her get into the bus with her bags. She thanked me and the bus left. I was happy that I could show some kindness and was able to help someone that day.

Later, I came to realise that I made her walk few more meters away from the bus stop she was initially walking towards, because I decided which hospital she should be heading to instead of actually asking her first which hospital she was going to.  But while she was coming along with me, she said nothing about that. I was a bit upset as I made her walk to the next bus stop from the closest one. But to console me with positive thoughts: at least, I made her enjoy walking under the yellow streetlights across the busy roads a little longer with lesser weight, which I assume was a relief to her. 😀 😀

The Cleaning Lady (Part 1)

She is one of the cleaning ladies in our hostel. She comes early to work and does her best in her job. I think she is in her 40s. Yet, she works so hard, climbs up and down the building many times a day and she is committed to cleaning the floor that is assigned to her. Unlike other cleaning ladies,she doesn’t spend much time chit chatting or complaining with others.

I get to know the names of the cleaning ladies when I hear my warden calls out their names to complain about their work or to remind them to clean here and there, this and that. I don’t know the name of this cleaning lady I’m writing about. Because I have never heard my warden calling for her.  So until I get to know her name, let me call her Lalitha.

One day the cleaning staff was asked to wash the entire cafeteria floor instead of mopping it. One cleaning lady was passing by and I greeted her with smile. She was tired climbing the stairs and said, “These people are making us work our fingers to the bone as if the work load we already have is not enough”. She was so angry.

In the evening I met Lalitha in the washroom. I smiled at her as usual. She smiled back and said with much satisfaction, “Today, we washed the entire cafeteria floor. And I finished all the cleaning in this floor as well. Look for yourself at these sinks, aren’t they clean and white? “.  They were indeed whiter that they looked in the morning.

Above the ground vs grounded 

When we are proud of something, we divide , separate things from those that we are not proud of, we create conflicts, we fight for what we are proud of.

We will only be proud only when there are those conditions that make things good. When things are not good, we will not say that we are proud of that particular thing.

When we are proud of something ,We let ego dominate our minds. Feel the power, feel that sense of going higher and higher . Embrace the fact that what we are proud of  is so much superior than to those of others. Every other thing is inferior.

We are grateful! We are grateful for   , we are happy for ..;

Feel grounded. Feel as a whole . Feel the abundance . There’s no division , there’s no separation. No conditions.  There is no such thing as superior and inferior . There is no possession, no acquisition, no greed…Things just exist. It’s peaceful.

We admire everything.  We are happy for everyone and everything. We are grateful for the things that served great. We are grateful for the things that taught us lessons.  We are grateful for our mistakes. We are grateful for our failures!

Everything we sense 

We learn. We learn every single day, every hour. We keep improving. We keep gathering, piling up. Every action, reaction we do, and every thing we say and think, every experience , all of them define us. 

What we learn today may not be used today. Or may not be understood today.  But someday we will realise! Someday we will find them useful. 

So keep conditioning your mind. Keep your senses focused on the things that will enlighten you!  

You will thank yourself then.