Above the ground vs grounded 

When we are proud of something, we divide , separate things from those that we are not proud of, we create conflicts, we fight for what we are proud of. 

We will only be proud only when there are those conditions that make things good. When things are not good, we will not say that we are proud of that particular thing.

When we are proud of something ,We let ego dominate our minds. Feel the power, feel that sense of going higher and higher . Embrace the fact that what we are proud of  is so much superior than to those of others. Every other thing is inferior. 

We are grateful! We are grateful for   , we are happy for ..;

Feel grounded. Feel as a whole . Feel the abundance . There’s no division , there’s no separation. No conditions.  There is no such thing as superior and inferior . There is no possession, no acquisition, no greed…Things just exist. It’s peaceful. 

We admire everything.  We are happy for everyone and everything. We are grateful for the things that served great. We are grateful for the things that taught us lessons.  We are grateful for our mistakes. We are grateful for our failures! 

Everything we sense 

We learn. We learn every single day, every hour. We keep improving. We keep gathering, piling up. Every action, reaction we do, and every thing we say and think, every experience , all of them define us. 

What we learn today may not be used today. Or may not be understood today.  But someday we will realise! Someday we will find them useful. 

So keep conditioning your mind. Keep your senses focused on the things that will enlighten you!  

You will thank yourself then.

Where there are differences there is beauty! 


Have you ever wondered what makes the nature beautiful? What makes you mesmerized about the sunset? What makes the rainbow so pleasing to the eye? It is not one single plain thing or object.

Rainbow does not have one single colour in it. It has seven pretty colours. Rainbow is the union of those colours. That is what makes the rainbow a RAINBOW!

The sunset is mesmerizing not only because of the sun itself. It is blended with the colours in the sky between the mountains and among the clouds and the scenery that it makes with the flying birds in the sky, dancing leaves of the trees and the gentle wind that blows in the air create a beautiful sunset.

The nature does not have ony one particular tree or plant.  The animal kingdom does not consist only of one type of animal. There are uncountable varieties of plants and animals. That is why the nature is beautiful.
The shape, wing color ,design, wingspan and the species of butterflies all differ. There is a huge diversity. That diversity is what makes them beautiful.

The world itself is a collection of diversities. Different religions, different languages, cultures, traditions, and so on. Without them the world would be so boring.

The beauty remains in this diversity. Each and everyone and everything is unique and special. We cannot make everything the same. Or everyone the same. Observe the differences and admire their speciality.

A blank canvas does not catch your eye. A painting on a white canvas shows a creation. Different colours, shapes, strokes, lines, densities, and depths on the canvas create a beautiful painting.

Life would be so mundane and stagnant if  things were the same everyday. There should be ups and downs , success and failure, happy and sad and so on. So let’s co-exist with all these differences and make life creative and beautiful!!

Because it is so easy

We always read/ talk/ hear/ write about reaching beyond boundaries, 

Do what makes you happy

Follow your heart and your dreams

Be who you want to be, not what others want you to be. 

Be yourself.

Be positive, have faith.

But with all that in our minds as positive quotes , we collapse when it comes to face real life challenges.

Can you really go beyond the boundaries? Can you really follow your dreams despite how hard they appear?

There  are so many obstacles that are put in infront of you either created by you or created by the society.

It is said that there is nothing impossible.

Yes , there is nothing imposible. All we need is the strength, courage, determination and passion to go beyond, to reach our dreams.  And of course it is hard. It is like going against the flow. Going against the trends. You need to be an extraordinary strong person.

Again… with all that known, at the end we choose the easy path. The accepted and the supported path. Because we are scared, we have fears, we feel alone to go on a different path. We are lazy. We die following the same path as everyone does. It is easy. Nothing to worry. The path  is already paved  and clear. So we live that boring life we no inspiration,  no challenges, no adventures, and nothing.

Can you be phenomenal?

Can you be extraordinary?

Can you make a change?

Yes, of course you can. But do you have the strength? Determination? Courage? 

Do you have the passion? 

We are on a show

We are good at showing. When we have , we show. When we have money we show. When we buy something new we show. When we have a good body we show. When we are rich we show. When we have new clothes we show. When we have food we show. We show our wealth, richness,  status,  prestige , and most of the time things we actually don’t  have. We are acting in a show. We are always showing off. What is it that we give to others  by showing off?  Anger? Jealousy? Pride? 

Why not give what we have?

When we have loads of money why not give some to those who don’t  have. When  we have more clothes why not give the extra to those who don’t  have. We can give food, shelter,  support and so many.

Let’s share our lessons, creativity, happiness and inspirations with the world.

Let’s give love, kindness, affection, and care

Smile more and share happiness. 

We can be motivational and inspirational. 

 So let’s give and share what we have. More we give more we will feel abundant within. We will not feel empty. We can help us as well  as the others.

Soul and Body

Look at your body that is dying.

It is dirty and burning inside.

This body is so heavy and is carried by you.


Look at your soul that is simply so pure.

No colour , no smell, and no shape.

This soul is energy and it follows you.


Listen to your heart beat that keeps you alive.

It is that sound that breaks the silence of the soul.

This heart is your love and is your life.


Reach your heart you touch your soul.

Simply be and let all be gone.

Bloom within and light the world.

Innocent heart

I caught your eyes

You caught my heart

It is empty inside

And I feel lifeless through out
Looking for your eyes everywhere

Wanting them to be mine forever

My heart beats like it pings

Only when I hear your  voice rings
Oh look how sad this is

Look how this kills me within

This ain’t  right

This ain’t good
Are you to blame

Or am I to blame
I am cold with no warmth

I am lonely with no love

Poor innocent heart

Please be back before I part
I will have my eyes on you

So that you won’t  get lost in others eyes